Saturday, October 3, 2009

Travel Approval!

Now that we have travel approval, it looks as if we'll be travelling before Christmas--possibly by the second week of December. We will know more once we have our consulate dates. This will be the best Christmas ever!!!


  1. Hi, i found you on the Holt forum. Congrats on your TA! WE are also adopting a cleft lip/palate girl and we were LOA one week after you so I hope that means our TA is coming soon! I am surprised though that you think you are traveling in December???? I would guess that it would be early November for you???? What has Holt told you???? my email is I would love to hear from you! Jennifer

  2. Congratulations on TA! We are also adopting from Fuyang. Our daughter is also with LWB and in foster care thanks to them. Would love to keep up with each other as the process goes. We are supposed to pick our daughter in February or March. If you have a moment I'd love to correspond via email. She's a beautiful little girl by the way!!!! cindy

  3. Lisa, It would help if I included an email for you to correspond through :) My email is We received notification of LID this week. LID was dated 10-13-09. They are saying it may be even longer before we travel than we had anticipated - perhaps into June. Have a great week! Cindy


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