Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home for a Week!

Kate Xiaochun has really settled in nicely after being home for a week from China. Unfortunately, this has been very atypical weather in Florida recently with highs in the 40s--so, we have not been able to enjoy playing outdoors with our new tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa. We are seeing a lot more of her personality--she chatters almost constantly (mostly in Chinese), but is beginning to say a few words in English (Mama, Daddy, Mallory, hello, good-bye). She laughs a lot, and loves to hide behind doors to scare people--so much fun!! Kate is getting used to having two cats around, and is becoming fast friends with Mallory. Mealtimes are not a struggle, as she eats almost everything. She sleeps about 10-11 hours each night and wakes up once or twice. She still does not take a nap--too many things to explore!

Since Daddy had to go back to school last Monday, we really haven't taken many trips together as a family. We've been to the Naples Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Warner, Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Norman. We've also been to the store, Babies R Us, and Little Caesar's. Having a lot of time at home has helped us get close as a family. We have had so much fun together!!

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