Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27, 2009
Today was a rather uneventful day in Guangzhou. A cold front had just come through, and it was rainy with highs in the 50's. We spent a lot of time indoors, and found the Swan Room for her to play in. There were four or five other couples there with their young ones, and we had a good visit with them. Xiao Chun was very reserved and pretty much kept to herself in the playroom.
Later in the day Roberta decided to go on the pearl and jade tour with one other family, while Gary and Lisa spent some cuddle time with their girl. We enjoyed a hot drink in the White Swan lobby, and then went to Susan's Place (highly recommended!) to pick up our laundry. We visited another shop close by and found another Chinese DVD for her, as well as a pair of pretty black shoes. To Gary's delight, they ended up being "squeaky shoes" (for children learning to walk). Lisa will have to find another pair of regular shoes for her. We enjoyed a watermelon juice and snack break at Lucy's and then came back to the hotel--enough of the nasty weather! It's hard to believe that we are further south right now than we are in Florida!
We finished up the day at the Cow and Bridge Restaurant, which is famous for its Thai food. Getting to the restaurant was somewhat of a challenge, as they have a lot of construction on Shamian Island. Next summer Guangzhou is to host the Asian games. At the restaurant Gary had braised beef in a curry sauce, while Roberta and Lisa ate fried shrimp cakes. Xiao Chun enjoyed shrimp crisps, warm milk, and pork congee.
Tomorrow we were planning a safari trip to see some pandas, but that has been canceled due to the cold weather. We'll have fun instead, making up our own agenda!


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I am not sure if I am doing this right?!? I was hoping to email you but I couldn't seem to find a link. In any event, I have been thinking of you. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your blog. When the heck are you coming back? Kathryn is beautiful and I am loving her headbands and bows!! It must be hard right now adjusting and transitioning for all...please let me know when things settle and you are up for visitors...I can't wait to see you. Take care!! Alyssa

  2. Hi Gary & Lisa

    I commented on Saturday (after we returned from
    our cruise) but, I cannot find it posted...

    We are thinking about and following you daily.

    Chun Chun is adorable.
    Enjoy your baby and experience.

    Mark and Sally


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