Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We've had a rough couple of days and some technical difficulties prevented me from uploading huge video files that document our event. As fate would have it on Gotcha Day (or the "hand off" as Holt prefers to call it) not only was I too busy to take stills or my own video, but my battery had died as well. We only have mom's videos which we have links to here.

Yesterday we had our last appointment with the civil affairs office. We promised to never abandon or abuse her and had out family portrait taken. Just before they could issue our document that says she's ours, all of the power in the buliding went out and they couldn't issue our paper. Erin brought it to us this morning.

Xiao Chun is still grieving for her foster family, more so today than the last couple of days. This morning she cried herself to sleep in my arms. She likes to watch what you're doing and then can imitate it right away. She likes to fold her clothes and does a very good job (better than me). She loves a cartoon character called "Yeow Yeow" and I know I'll never find these DVDs in the US.

Today The girls abandoned me and stayed in the room. They were having a small reaction to the local water but as I write they are better now. If you've ever tried to go in a "Squatty Potty" you know why they didn't want to chance not having a western toilet available. Erin (our guide) and I went to the park across the street. Some 1000 years ago there was a battle that took place there during the Qing dynasty. Today its filled with amusement rides and the only battles are between parents and children.

We rode a carousel but she found it too bumpy and noisy. We spent some time in a field where mothers took their babies to play. Everyone, babies and moms wanted to meet Xiao Chun but she was a little distant.

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